Saturday, August 18, 2012

Racial Agitator Sharpton Defends Biden, Calls Tea Party Racist

This would typically be filed under "more-of-the-same" had it not been for a sitting Vice President employing the same race-baiting tactics as the infamous Al (Tawana) Sharpton.
And, predictably, Sharpton and his COLLUSION MEDIA supporters rushed to defend the Vice President and further vilify the Tea Party.

However, let's remember who TAWANA Sharpton is!
A community agitator, like the President, who fomented racial unrest resulting in the deaths of innocent white and black victims alike.
For this "work" in the community, Sharpton was awarded a radio spot on a black-separatist NY station, and then a host position on an NBC affiliate!

Now ask yourself how the Sharpton-Democratic COLLUSION MEDIA would have reacted to a white racist "Reverend" sporting a similar RESUME?

Wait!  We don't have to!
Just recall The Jonesboro preacher - who's racist antics pale in the face of Sharpton's - and the Democrat's COLLUSION MEDIA's reaction to him!

Now take a good look at Sharpton and his "Congregation", and the Tea Party protestors, and ask yourself who the RACISTS are!

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