Saturday, December 21, 2013

Was ObamaCare a Subterfuge for Single-Pay All Along?

Virtually every major poll continues to find 60-70% of respondents in favor of either delaying or dismantling ObamaCare!
In addition, a majority of the American people now believe they were deliberately lied to when the President repeatedly sold us a laundry list of false promises and assumptions regarding his signature program.

As we now well know, a majority of Americans WON'T be keeping their own health plans and doctors, period; household premiums WON'T be going down, period; spiraling health costs WON'T be reduced, period; jobs WON'T be created, period; and to compound the problem, millions of potential full-time workers will continue to be relegated to part-time incomes, with further dependence on government (Democratic Party) programs making up the difference!

The President knowingly sold us a bill-of-goods on ObamaCare, and the GOP is doing what they can to derail it before the the real damage to the economies and health care of millions of households across the country takes effect.
THAT'S a winning message Republicans and Conservatives need to be taking to the people throughout the entirety of 2014!

So how do we know President Obama knowingly lied to us about ObamaCare? Because he told us so in a number of speeches throughout the years, and in fact, Harry Reid reconfirmed it as recently as a couple of months ago in a speech he gave to supporters. They've both characterized (to friendly audiences) the ObamaCare plan as a stepping stone to single-pay, government controlled health care, which has always been their intent.

ObamaCare's batched roll-out may be due to cronyism and Administrative ineptitude, but the plan's ultimate failure to deliver was by design from the beginning. That, according to proponents, would usher in what they've been after all along - single-pay, government-controlled health care.

Control the health of a nation, and you control the nation! 

So with all the negatives rolling out over ObamaCare, why does President Obama continue to push this debacle on the American people - at considerable political cost to both himself and his Party - instead of just delaying the whole thing for a year?
Perhaps the real question should be:
Was ObamaCare A Subterfuge For Single-Pay All Along?

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